Top Style Tips for Big Men and How to Dress

Top Style Tips for Big Men and How to Dress

Dressing in a stylish way, especially for big men can be tricky. In most cases, clothing brands make clothes considering the fit of a person of average size. None or very few cater to the needs of all those who may not fit into the predefined sizes.

Additionally, the options for big men or tall figured individuals are very limited, and even if there are options, they are very common and predictable. This post talks about some useful insights on how to plan for big men’s clothing and looks incredible as others.

Make Friends With a Tailor

Well, it’s not that big men cannot shop from the rack, but making friends with a tailor would be an ideal thing to do. In some cases, it is seen that buying clothing from the store will make the fit look poor with wrinkles, bulges, and sloppy appearance because of extra lending fabric. It is great to use a tailor to make sure that the clothing fits you perfectly – after all, the better you look, the better you feel!

Choose the Fabrics Wisely

If you are a big man, choosing the right fabric to suit the shape is important. Fabrics that are too thick will certainly make your frame more bulky. On the contrary, those who are too thin will likely get cling to the body.

Make sure to invest in the study, smooth, and durable natural fabrics. It can be oxford cloth, thin knits, denim, cloth, or twill. The best thing is that they are heavy to drape on the body and are very light to add to the structure that too without adding any volume. You should go for the choice of fabrics to get the right fit and look appealing.

Right Choice of T-shirts

Though neutral colors are indeed a flattering choice for the big men’s, having stylish big men’s t-shirts are also very effective in adding interest to the overall look. T-shirts with conventional stripes or shirts in checks will certainly add immediate flair to a uniform outfit. Going for horizontal stripes will look infamously gratifying on the bigger men, but in case you can’t resist, then opt for chalk stripes, narrow shades in low-contrast.

Add a Structure

If you can add little clever layering to your clothing style, it can add a multitude of sins. Make sure to look for the pieces that frame your shape, and that can automate the structure without adding surplus volume. Wearing v-neck tees will certainly draw eyes down and not around.

Make sure to add an open button-down shirt on the top in order to create another vertical line. Otherwise, you can also opt for a suit with sharp or little padded shoulders and long lapels that will surely help you square off the upper half.

All these tips will certainly uphold and enhance our overall styling and will make you look great. Please feel free to share your insights about what you think about the tips below in the comment section.

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