Top 7 things a man can wear to in order to stand out

Top 7 things a man can wear to in order to stand out

Men's grooming isn’t easy, especially because of the fact that men actually aren’t too interested in it. However, no one can outgrow the urge of standing out in public. Therefore, we have shortlisted some cool men grooming items that can make any well dressed man like you even tougher to get surpassed. Lets start.

A Henley that fits you

We are all well known to the fact that henleys have a crazy demand in the market, especially among guys who workout regularly. But make sure the Henley that you buy fits you well and if it’s a half sleeve try showing a hint of your triceps.

Aviator sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those indispensable items in men’s accessories. Not only does it help you from avoiding UV rays but also adds to your outfit. Talking about shades, what better than an aviator. It supports your facial structure and enhances your jawline. You still need more reasons for it?

Suit up!

For centuries now, suits have been a go-to outfit for men irrespective of their age and body shape. If big mens clothing had something ranked 1 in its books, it’d be suits for sure. A well tailored suit not only justifies your class but also draws in a lot of attention.

Solid button down shirt

Whether it be a date or an official meeting, a button down shirt can never go wrong if paired with fitted trouser. By wearing solid colours, not only does it make you appear vibrant but also keeps the outfit simple and it’s hard to go wrong. Remind yourself to roll up your sleeves so that you can expose your forearms. Believe me, you’ll thank yourself later.

Chelsea boots/ Desert boots Remember, a well groomed man never forgets to get his shoes right. That’s why two of the finest boots in the market are mentioned above. Dude, if you aren’t adding at least one of these in your closet it’s a huge mistake in itself. These boots go well with any outfit. From famous celebrities to fashion icons, we’ve seen them rock these bad boys over and over gain. Nevertheless, it also adds to your height.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets never go out of style. A good quality leather jacket does not even need validation of any sort. Girls dig it! So man, if you’re ready to hit the road with your motorbike don’t forget to get one of these. Also, don’t forget to pair them those tough boots you just bought.

Blue denims

Well, talking about clothes for big men, you cannot leave blue denim out of the list. Never. Whether it be a faded jeans, denim shirts or a well fitted jacket, stylists across the world believe- denim items can never ever go wrong. Blue denims have the privilege to get matched with any colour and outfit irrespective of seasons as well. So, why not go for something so dapper where you don’t even carry the risk of wardrobe malfunctioning.

These were the seven top items that a man can own in his closest. The above mentioned items carry a considerable amount of style and are easily accessible too. Of course there are so many other items you can buy in order to add to your game. However, just remember whatever your sense of style is make sure you feel comfortable in it and fits well. This golden rule works wonders.

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