All you need to know about big mens jeans

All you need to know about big mens jeans

One might know many aspects about jeans, especially when discussing big men's jeans UK. This article discusses the most important topics regarding big men's Jeans.

Types of Jeans

• Straight-Leg Jeans: Straight-leg jeans do not flare at the ankle and usually have the same length as the knee up to the hem.
• Tapered Jeans: Tapered jeans have a large circumference at the upper portion and usually narrow down the ankle providing a soft fitted look while maintaining comfort.
• Bootcut Jeans: Bootcut jeans usually narrow down towards the knee and then have a flare at the end to cover the boots.
• Stretch Jeans: Stretch jeans give you a bit of elasticity so that they can stretch as you move, giving you comfort and a stylish fit.
• Comfort fit: Comfort jeans provide big men extra room inside throughout the legs. If someone has larger thighs and calves, these jeans suit them best.
• Skinny jeans:Skinny jeans will fit you from top to bottom. They give a fitted look and provide a stylish, on-trend look. The opening is comparatively narrower than tapered jeans.
• Low/mid/high rise jeans: The rise of the jeans mean the distance between the crotch and the waist. Low-rise jeans have a lesser distance and sit below the waist. Mid-rise jeans sit just on the waist, and high-rise jeans sit above the navel.

Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect fit for you

• Measure: One can never guess their size to get the perfect fit. You should measure your waist and leg length in both standing and sitting positions. This way to get an exact idea of how much room you need to be comfortable throughout the day.
• Choosing the perfect style: A particular cut might suit a particular body type. You should get the one that suits you best, but you can still try something new. Something that will suit you might not suit others.
• Colour that suits your tone: Putting on a colour that compliments your skin tone is the first thing you should remember while selecting jeans. Stonewash, black or grey denim looks good in calm tones, while darker denim and stone-coloured jeans look good in warm tones.

A rule of thumb

• Box: Skinny and straight-cut jeans.
• Broad shoulders and smaller waist: straight, tapered, and comfortable-fit jeans.
• Large waist: comfort and stretch-fit jeans.
• Wide hips and small shoulders: straight, comfortable, and loose-fit jeans.

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