Top 5 outfits for Men (Plus Size Category)

Top 5 outfits for Men (Plus Size Category)

Plus size clothing and fashion can be as effective as regular sized clothing, given that the outfit is chosen carefully and the colours and fit are kept in mind. A simple rule is to avoid contrast and tailor your clothes well enough that it does not look too big considering you may already have a larger structure.

This applies to all outfits listed in general. There are indeed numerous ways in which a plus-sized model can fit into a king-size outfit and still grab the attention of its audience. Popular among the big-boned men, there are 5 awesome outfits listed down below.

Holiday Look:

Women love the holiday look on a man irrespective of his size. Not just the larger males but everyone should try out a printed/floral shirt, put on good eyewear, then pair it with light-coloured shorts. Grab a hat, and you’re good to go. This look can be seen as a summer outfit. However, make sure you opt for a pair of shorts that sits just an inch below your thighs; it helps in giving a sleek outlook.

Official/Classic Look:

The demand and craze for suits in man’s world is no secret. The gentleman look is timeless and cannot be compromised with. Since you’re somewhat heavier, you can’t get away without getting your suits tailored, especially across the waist area. Try purchasing suits of darker colours and avoid the three pieces. Take away the contrast in colors as it will end up giving you a wing deceivingly slimmer appearance. Suit up, boys!

Winter Style:

Now that the winter’s here! Some might be wondering if it’s even tougher to appear smaller after putting on so many layers. No, we have your back! The rule is simple- do not put on layers unnecessarily. If you think you’re good to go with a turtle neck sweater or an un-puffed jacket, why not go for it? Buy winter wears of premium quality, clothes that provide warmth even in the mild conditions. Wear vests that are specially designed for winter seasons. Remember, the aim is to wear less, not to get frostbite.

The Rapper Style:

Kingsize clothes can be fun and aesthetic once you figure out what to wear and what not to. Wear outfits that are in trend. Talking about new trends, larger men surprisingly look good in the rapper outfit.

It’s nothing difficult, just get yourself a baggy t-shirt, pair them with distressed jeans and do not forget to put on a baseball cap. White trainers and statement sunglasses look perfect in combination. Various music artists like Drake and 50 cent have been rocking this style for years now.

The Date Night Outfit:

This part can be a little tricky but surely effective if executed correctly. On your dinner reservations, you should go for a button-down shirt that’s dark in colour. In fact, simple black never disappoints. Buy slim fit shirts and tailor them around your chest and waist areas just enough to slim down the chest area. Wears trousers that match your upper wear as it gives you a taller and slimmer appearance visually. Just in case you prefer to go for a look that is a little more casual, do not forget your leather jackets. Kingsize men jackets are in huge demand of late. Putting on a leather jacket with a tshirt underneath provides you with a more confident look and enhances your manliness.

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